How to download video from youtube, google video and others to your computer

So you want to download that awesome video you saw on Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Daily Motion and others to your computer? I wrote about this a few posts ago (in portughese) and I’ve received good feedback, so I think it would be worth writing it in english so I can get a bigger audience. 1 – You should download Firefox browser, as it has an extension that allows you to save the videos! Firefox is faster and cleaner than Internet Explorer, it does have tabbed browsing,it is truly standard compliant and best of all is free and opensource. It runs on PCs, Macs, Linux, and probably any OS you have running on your Desktop. 2- Install the extension Firefox Video Download. It will allow you to get Daniela Cicarelli’s video or any other avaiable from tmost of the free video services arround the net. 3- Restart Firefox so the extension can finish it’s install process. 4- As a test go to Youtube! 5- Search for a magic word, as for instance a lonelygirl15 (the most famous scam of youtube). 6- Click the blue link. 7- When the video starts to play click with the RIGHT mouse button to show a context menu. 8 – Choose the option download (should be the last one in the botton). 9 – Save to the hardisk and it’s done. It works with any video: youtube, google video, daily motion, etc… Have fun!
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